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For close to twenty-five years now, NCO Credit Services has provided millions of accurate and reliable credit reports to clients large and small, nationwide.

NCO Credit Services' web-based platform enables our clients to access a broad selection of credit reporting services in seconds: helping them beat the competition and to close more loans.

Our products and services can be ordered online, via our simple to use website or directly from within your Loan Origination System (LOS). NCO Credit Services interfaces with the majority of LOS systems and our reports are able to be re-issued to both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Credit Reporting



  • Merge Infile Reports - One, two or three bureau merged infile credit report delivered in seconds: easy to read and fully customizable to your requirements.
  • Merge Plus Reports - A merged infile report with one or more tradelines manually re-verified,investigated and updated. Supplement requests can be ordered from our website or directly via convenient links on the actual report.
  • Residential Mortgage Credit Reports (RMCR) - A merged infile report, fully re-investigated for complete, up-to-date balance information and accuracy. Employment verification and borrower interview may be included based on your requirements.
  • Non-traditional Credit Reports - When a borrower has little or no credit history on their merged infile report, we manually investigate, verify and then add accounts from alternative creditors. (e.g. landlords, utilities, etc)
  • Quality Control Reports - Line by line comparative analysis of a credit report from another credit reporting agency, that highlights differences or missing information.
  • Mortgage Only (Streamline) Reports
  • Business Credit Reports
  • International Credit Reports
  • Tenant Screening Reports

Close More Loans



  • CreditXpert® Solutions - Lenders using the CreditXpert Solutions Suite as an integral part of their loan origination process are closing 30% more loans. Intelligent, quick and easy, the CreditXpert Solution Suite does the work for you. It automatically scans all your credit reports, alerts you to opportunities to raise credit scores and provides you with options you might otherwise overlook. [Watch our video tutorial.]
  •   Credit Assure™ - Automatically identifies opportunities to raise scores on every credit file; selects and takes you to the best CreditXpert product to use.
  •   CreditXpert Detective™ - Checks data accuracy and finds opportunities to raise scores by updating incorrect, missing, and/or outdated information.
  •   CreditXpert Essentials™ - Finds the best actions to take to maximize scores.
  •   CreditXpert What-If Simulator™ - Shows impact of actions before you take them; build custom plans for now/future.
  • Rapid Rescore - Expedited process to correct and/or update a merged infile report directly at the bureau level with Trans Union, Experian and Equifax to get inaccurate information permanently updated within two to three business days. 

Additional Products

  • Flood Certification - Standard or Life of Loan Certificates available at extremely competitive pricing. Both include our free “CertMap” product; an aerial photo providing a visual of the subject property and it’s proximity to the flood zone.
  • Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

  • Appraisal Firewall - Allowing you to stay compliant with the objectives of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) while still maintaining your locally established relationships. Sign up today for FREE:
  • Income/Tax Verificationincome verification directly from the IRS within 24 to 48 hours


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