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NCO Credit Services is a professional credit reporting service dedicated to providing high quality credit reports and services to both large and small institutions that grant credit to consumers and businesses.  A leader in the industry since 1985, NCO Credit Services specializes in the preparation of credit reports for the mortgage industry.    

NCO Credit Services operates as a separate business unit under the NCO Financial Systems, Inc. umbrella. 

As one of the nation’s most comprehensive credit reporting companies, NCO Credit Services utilizes superior technology along with a dedicated technical support and customer service staff to stay ahead of industry trends and customer requirements.

We have the unique ability to provide clients with the resources of a large institution and the personal services of a small company.

NCO's passion for innovative growth is fueled by five fundamental business objectives:

  • Customer Relationships - To build long-lasting relationships with customers through responsive technical support and customer service.
  • Quality and Excellence - To relentlessly pursue quality reporting, excellent service, and timely delivery to customers.                                 
  • Customer Service - To provide a team of highly trained and dedicated credit professionals to support customer requirements.
  • Technology - To continually improve operational efficiencies and customer service by developing and utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
  • Leadership - To strengthen its leadership position within the industry through industrious research and innovative development of new technologies and automation.

Today, NCO Credit Services is positioned to address your credit reporting needs with integrity, dependable service, consistent quality and superior technology.

NCO enjoys a high level of recognition for superior technology, quality reports and outstanding customer service.  NCO will continue to pursue the rapid advances in credit technology to reinforce its commitment to stay on the leading edge of credit issues and trends.

We invite you to take a closer look at NCO Credit Services- the quality of the people, the organization and the services that can go to work for you today.                                                                                            

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